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How to Treat “Maskne” 

Wearing a face mask has become part of our daily routine to protect ourselves and each other from COVID-19. 

Wearing masks causes various concerns to the skin, "maskne" is one of them. Maskne (Mask Acne) occurs when your protecting face mask causes your skin barrier to become impaired due to friction, trapped sweat, and inflammation-causing bacteria. 

If you develop breakouts from using a mask, you're not alone. Maskne causes pimples, redness, and irritation. 

Maintaining good mask hygiene plus adding critical steps to preventing and treating maskne is vital. Here are a few of our Face Experts tips:

Wash and replace your mask daily

Throw your disposable mask after every use. If you're opting for reusable masks, you'll want to wash and thoroughly after every use. Then, between uses, store your cleaned mask in a clean, sealed container or a plastic bag.

Avoid rough fabrics, opting for something that feels comfortable on the skin. Having the option to adjust your straps may also help reduce friction. 

Focus On Hydration

Mitigate bacteria production while restoring hydration to the skin with a non-stripping cleanser both morning and night. In addition, we recommend applying a lightweight, anti-inflammatory cleanser. 

For maximum benefits, improve congested skin with the Caryl Baker Botanical Gel Cleanser, the soothing Ginseng Toner and the Pore Minimizing Lotion. 

Detoxifying the skin

When you remove your mask, immediately apply an antiseptic toner to cleanse skin without overly-stripping. Any inflamed breakouts or patches of congestion apply a detoxifying mask over the problem areas a couple of times a week. The Caryl Baker H20 Restore Glacial Mineral Mask is both hydrating and detoxifying. With the perfect blend of algae & zinc oxide minerals paired with glycolic, lactic and natural citrus acids, every complexion can have a healthy glow and detoxifying treatment in just 20 minutes twice weekly. 

Treating Maskne

Balancing acne-fighting treatments with a regular cleansing and moisturizing routine that will repair the skin's moisture barrier. Here are a few products suggestions: 

Wipe away blemish-causing impurities while restoring the skin with hydration and anti-inflammatory ingredients. The Rawceuticals cold-pressed plant-based skincare has naturally derived ingredients that offer unparalleled results. 

A perfect blend of sunflower seed, sesame seed, olive, hemp, chia seed, carrot, coffee, Kakadu plum, coconut, tomato seed and raspberry seed oils help to detoxify and protect the skin. 

The biodegradable Raw Cloth is a one-of-a-kind multiple-layer design that washes away dirt trapped in pores. Derived from 100% wood fibres, it rinses 99.9% bacteria-free. 

In addition, we recommend The Scientific Organics line formulated with peptides, grape stem cells, natural fruit acids, Spirulina, kombucha, Gogi berry, white tea, green tea, seaweed, aloe, and vitamins. In just 20 minutes twice weekly, the photocell detox mask is very effective in improving congested pores. Increase the effectiveness by adding the Kombucha Cleanser, Spirulina Toner and Phytocell Cream twice daily. 

We also suggest that you keep our Blemish Control on hand! This super-hero spot drying treatment improves & heals blemishes & breakouts commonly associated with oily problem skin - it’s an absolute must-have for emergency breakouts!

Finally, make sure you always wash your hands before handling your mask or perform any skincare routine. If you have Maskne, pause your makeup routine (if you can), or anything that you apply under the mask—the combination of products and sweat can clog pores.