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$126 Members | $140 Regular |+$60 Décolleté

A safe, three-phase treatment for skin resurfacing utilizing Natural Mineral Crystals. This advanced procedure gently exfoliates, corrects, and refines the skin, unveiling a smoother, more radiant complexion. Includes a complimentary soothing mask.

$171 Members | $190 Regular | +$85 Décolleté

A heightened resurfacing experience expanding upon the power of our signature treatment, with the added benefits of our Pure Collagen Moisture Mask, offering intense, soothing hydration. Feel rejuvenated as Cryotherapy invigorates your skin, harnessing cold temperatures to boost circulation and rejuvenate your complexion. Together, these exclusive additions deliver comprehensive skin renewal, unveiling a refined texture and a luminous, radiant appearance.