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We Practice Safe Beauty

  Learn How We’re Keeping Clients and Staff Safe During Covid-19  

Our Safe Beauty Promise

For over 50 years our number one priority has been to provide the best in beauty (products and services) while ensuring the health and safety of our clients and Face Experts. All of our services are performed in single-use, Public Health Green Pass approved environments, and follow all of the latest Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) guidelines.

Each of our Face Spa locations will have received a thorough, deep clean – ready for your return! All of our pre-screened staff will be wearing the necessary PPE to service you safely and disinfect all surfaces, tools, and seating before each new customer, with frequent hand-washing and sanitizing stations readily available for all to use.

What We're Doing For Our Clients

We frequently sanitize high-touch surfaces, and regularly deep-clean our Face Spas with authorized cleaners.

Our Face Experts wash and disinfect hands before coming into contact with a client and use PPE as per local Public Health protocols.

We are a Single-Use environment and reduce any chances of cross-contamination by using disposable service consumables.

We never double-dip our wax sticks and clean our equipment with only approved disinfectants and cleaners.

For our ear piercing services we use the “No Risk” Inverness Piercing System, where each earring capsule is pre-sterilized.

We have multiple sets of tools on hand that have already been disinfected to avoid any chance of cross- contamination.

What We Ask Of Our Clients

Do not enter the Face Spa if you are symptomatic.

Clients must wear protective face masks as required.

Sanitize hands upon entry.

Do not enter the Face Spa until your appointment time or until we are ready to service you.

If you do not have an appointment, please wait until the front desk is clear to arrange a walk-in.

Maintain physical distance (when possible).

Debit/credit transactions are recommended.

Please arrive alone and do not bring guests with you to your appointment.

Enforcing safe beauty protocols and adhering to all Health Canada and Public Health standards has always been, and will continue to be, our number one priority to ensure the safety of both our staff and clients. Here is a more detailed look of some of the ways (old and new) that we protect our clients, staff, and community:

Health Canada Approved

- We provide safe beauty through our single-use, Public Health Green Pass approved service environment!

- We stay up to date on Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) updates and follow all guidelines.

Face Spa Cleanliness

- We frequently sanitize high-touch surfaces, and regularly deep-clean our Face Spas with authorized cleaners.

- Your take-home skin care and cosmetic products are kept out of reach from the general public.

- We do not allow food or drink in our locations.

- We have installed acrylic protective barriers at our point of checkout.

- We encourage cashless transactions; as well we are cleaning, disinfecting, and protecting all POS terminals.

Face Expert Health & Hygiene

- Our Face Experts thoroughly wash and disinfect hands before ever coming into contact with a client!

- All Face Experts will be wearing face masks and/or shields, as well as other PPE as per their local Public Heath department's Policies & Procedures

- All staff will be pre-screened before starting their shift.

Single-Use Environment

We are a Single-Use environment, and wherever we can reduce any chances of cross contamination we implement specialty service consumables. Here are some examples:

- We use single-use lip brushes and mascara wands, which are never double-dipped, and both are discarded after use!

- We use a disposable mini-spatula during our facial and makeup services to extract product.

- We use fresh medical paper on all treatment beds and provide clients with disposable hairbands and hairnets.

Strict Service Procedures

Each one of our beauty services follow a strict set of procedures that include many health and safety protocols, here are a few as an example:

- During our Waxing services we ensure that our wax is NEVER recycled, and we DO NOT double-dip our waxing sticks!

- During our Ear Piercing service we use pre-sterilized earring capsules to ensure the safest ear piercing possible by preventing the piercing earring and Safety Back™ from being exposed to possible contaminants prior to piercing.

- During Makeup Applications we sharpen and spray all liners with 70% alcohol before application.

- During any advanced beauty service we use face masks and other protective coverings.

We Clean Our Tools

- We soak all tools in medical grade disinfectant, and keep multiple sets on hand so there is absolutely no chance of cross contamination (one set is disinfecting while the other set is being used in service).

- We wash and sanitize makeup brushes after every use and store them appropriately, the use of makeup belts are strictly prohibited as they encourage cross contamination!

- We disinfect all product testers, protect them with special coverings, and keep them out of reach of the general public.

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