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Caryl Baker is a fun, fashionable, and fearless, career woman, mother and grandmother. She is a woman who understands the needs of women of many ages and lifestyles. She has gone from model, to makeup artist, to mother, to company president, while always striving to maintain a healthy balance between career and family.

Caryl is a true inspiration to women across Canada. When she is not busy developing new promotional ideas and concepts for Caryl Baker Visage (including the creation of new colour cosmetics, innovative skin care products, and marketing strategies) she enjoys spending time with her 3 children, 7 grandchildren, and her adorable little teacup poodle, Brandy-Rose.

Caryl Baker believes that the secret to success is to be committed to your passion, be unafraid to take risks, never stop learning and most importantly, share your knowledge and success with others.