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Fabulous Facial Waxing

I had heard that Visage does facial waxing and so I with much trepidation brought in my 10 year old daughter yesterday. We went to the store in Upper Canada Mall and someone named Inneta took care of us.

My daughter was terrified of the pain. She was getting the middle of her eyebrows waxed, as well as her upper lip. She is young and we were both terribly unsure, but Inneta was incredibly patient with us. She took her time to explain the procedure to Mia and handled her with such grace that it brought tears to my eyes. Mia, after much reluctance, trusted her. I am ever so grateful for Inneta's professional and caring manner. As a result, I too, ended up getting facial waxing of my own done, as well as beginning a whole new skin care regimen, under Inneta's guidance.

She also showed me several makeup products, which I am very excited to use. She tested these products on me and showed me exactly what to do. I am ecstatic about the CC Skin Brightening Crème and can't believe such a product exists! She also showed me a better concealer (Tan) than the one I currently use from Mac -- along with a new blush and lip gloss (I NEVER wear lip gloss). My makeup now looks more natural and understated, something I could never achieve before.

Moreover, she's the first person ever to really explain the importance of toner to me. Imagine, after all these years! She knew exactly what my skin needed (emerginC crease ease emulsion and Ginseng toner). She is incredibly knowledgeable in her field and I am very impressed. I am not really into makeup and haven't made changes in years. Inneta was able to give me a simple routine that today I managed to duplicate and I feel amazing!

I walked out of Visage feeling like a new woman! I don't normally take the time out to write letters like this. But today, I felt very compelled to. Thank you to Inneta at Visage for making my daughter and I feel brand new. We walked around all day yesterday with silly grins on our faces and kept looking in the mirror!

We look forward to going back next month!

-Sincerely, Nina and Mia

Professional & Knowledgeable

I am writing the email to let you know of the wonderful service I received at the Bramalea City Centre location. This was my second visit with Tara. I must say she is exceptional at her job. Her professionalism and knowledge is amazing. I have never had such wonderful service before. You can immediately notice that Tara loves her job and sharing her knowledge about skin care and makeup.

I came in to get my eyebrows waxed and walked out a new woman. I haven't found anyone who was able to wax my eyebrows properly. I always left feeling horrible and dissatisfied with my experiences. Not anymore! I have also bought my niece a gift card to Caryl Baker Visage and recommended Tara. Caryl Baker Visage is lucky to have an employee such as Tara. I must also add that the other employees working there were very helpful and welcoming as well. There are some other stores within the mall where one does not feel welcome at all and more of a nuisance. I must say job well done!

- Carmelina

Piercing At Pickering

I just wanted to pass along my praises about one of your employees. My mom and I were at the Pickering Town Center Visage location on Saturday afternoon and I had my 3 month old’s ears pierced. Shannon was AMAZING. She really calmed my nerves. She was very informative with her knowledge and expertise and her personality was fantastic. I wish more people who work in customer relations were as GREAT as her! She's a true asset to your company. She was so gentle and patient with my daughter, even taking the time to talk to her and make her feel at ease. She did a wonderful job on the ear piercing too! I just wanted to pass along my compliments. It’s not every day you come across someone like Shannon.

Thank you again to your staff at the Pickering location as they were all great, but especially to Shannon. I will be posting a status update recommending the employees at Pickering Visage!

- Sarah, a happy and delighted customer!

Beautiful Brows

“I have been to a lot of different day spas for the same eyebrow shaping service - tweeze, wax, or thread, including Gee, Civello, etc. They're great places, but I was really wowed by the quality of what I got at Caryl Baker Visage.

This is a small shop in the Toronto Eaton Centre (there are other locations). Unpretentious, so kind and so great at what they do. I was with Zari who may be the best eyebrow professional and aesthetician I've ever been with (and the sweetest girl ever). She did a phenomenal job on my brows - they have NEVER looked better. I gotten many a brow tint from other establishments and this is the only one that has 1) looked GREAT and 2) stayed. What a difference it has made!

Zari did not push products on me. She introduced me to different skin care concepts and was very receptive to my existing regimes.

I will definitely be going back!”

- Patricia 

Fantastic Baby Ear Piercing Experience!

Hi, my name is Marie and I visited the Visage store located at Sherway Gardens on June 13th. I had called earlier that day to make an appointment for my little girl who's 5 months to get her ears pierced and one was made no problem. Upon arrival, we were greater by a service person named Carolyn.

The whole entire experience that I dreaded turned into an absolutely fantastic experience. It was all thanks to Carolyn. She took care of my little girl like she was her own. Smiles, a little crying and then all smiles again. You don't know how relieved I was that my little girl was so cool with the entire experience. I don't usually leave any experience reviews or anything, but I believe Caroline deserves this recognition. Amazing! Happy and will recommend her to everyone and anyone I know including random strangers. Please forward this to Carolyn. She deserves to know :)

- Thanks again, Marie 

Skin Savour!

I wish to send this email to advise you of one the consultant Shannon Nicholson. I met Shannon at the Markville Mall store. I lived in Unionville at the time and Shannon approached me to try the Microdermabrasion treatment as there was a ‘special offer’. I do not remember what the price was for this service but Shannon was an excellent salesperson and convinced me to give it a try. Shannon’s expertise information detailed the advantages for me. I should tell you now I am presently 66 years of age with very large pores and had very bad skin most of my life. After I finally survived teenage acne I never paid any attention to my face at all as I thought it was a lost cause. I followed her suggestion of having the ‘micro’ treatment every 4 weeks. Now I am not sure of the time line but at some point about 3 years ago I left Unionville and moved to Newcastle (my present address) but I still continued to commute to Markville Mall to continue my ‘micro’ as I was thrilled with the results and wanted to continue my treatment with Shannon. Then as I am sure you are aware the Markville store closed. Needless to say I was very upset as by now I was wanting to continue my treatment with Shannon. Well luckily for me Shannon went to the Pickering store, so I now drive to Pickering.

I feel Shannon is an excellent, professional person and is very knowledgeable about all the product and treatments that are available at Visage. She is always suggesting the new products to me and letting me try them which of course I end up purchasing. Shannon and I are both very sorry that we did not take pictures of my face as over the years there is a wonderful difference in my complexion. I have come in contact with men that I have not seen in a very long time and the comment is that I have not aged at all. This has happened on more than one occasion. Also before I go on vacation I get a treatment and get a makeup application and I am rewarded with admiring looks. At this point I must stress I am not suggesting that every man that I come in contact with is ‘warm for my form’ but I am a walking advertisement for Caryl Baker and I feel that I am the perfect poster ‘child’ for your products.

I just felt that I had to bring to the head office attention the excellent employee you have in Shannon and that she is most definitely a plus to the organization.

- Yours truly, Gayle

Customer Service Excellence

I am always pleased with my experience at the Square One Visage. Sandra, Nicole, and Suzanne are wonderful! Customer service always begins with a smile and these three ladies always mimic that. They are all so pleasant and friendly. Every 2 weeks when I am in there, I’m not only satisfied with my appointment, but thankful for their great service. Their friendliness is contagious. Thanks for being accommodating and getting things done in a timely manner! Keep up the great work!

- Yours truly, Meghan

Caring & Gentle Ear Piercing

I would just like to take to opportunity to express the awesome service I had at the Bramalea City Centre location. Yesterday (Monday Aug 4th) I took my 3 month old daughter to get her ears pierced and we were serviced by Brittany. She was absolutely amazing. She showed us exactly what she was doing, and all the precautions that are taken to ensure everything is sterile, but I’m sure that is training. I was so taken back by her demeanor, she was genuinely a kind person. She was great with my daughter and did her best to make me feel confident in her capabilities. As a parent with a new baby, I am of course concerned with her well-being, and piercings are not the most comfortable of situations.

Overall, Brittany was absolutely AMAZING!!!! I would definitely recommend anyone and everyone to her for piercings.

I really hope that you are able to communicate this to her manager.

- Thank you, Laura

Modern, Safe & The Best Ear Piercing Service!

My four year old daughter lost one of her earrings this weekend, 3 weeks after having it pierced at the Bayshore Shopping Mall Caryl Baker Visage location. Today, we went to that store to buy a new one, as I'd put it one of my own earrings to keep the hole open in my daughter's ear until we could get into the store.

When we got there, we found the Mall is doing renovations on the location and we went in search of the new one. As we got there, we realized that it is a brand new location today, not even open yet. We were so disappointed. Kathy was in there, setting up for the opening tomorrow. She saw us looking in and opened the door as I think my daughter's very disappointed face was quite obvious. I had just planned to ask her for some quick advice, but instead, she invited us in, found the replacement earrings and even inserted them into my daughter's ears. She even gave Mika and her little sister a lollipop! I was in awe of her kindness. I really feel like that she went way above and beyond today, and of all days, when she is busy trying to set up and organize the new store. Truly amazing!

There is no question that Caryl Baker Visage offers the most modern, safest, and best ear piercing service there is. We were so pleased with our initial experience there. On top of that, though, Kathy's generosity, understanding, kindness and concern for my little girl today was truly incredible today. We will most certainly spread the word and tell all of our friends about this lovely lady and the terrific store she runs. We will be get my other daughter's ears pierced when she is ready, to buy more of the excellent-quality earrings, to get Mommy a facial etc.....

Please pass on my grateful thanks to Kathy. She has made customers for life for your business and she made Mika's day and week very special.

- Many thanks, Lisa

Brows, Teeth Whitening & Skin Care

I am a new customer to Visage. A month ago I went to the Rideau Centre Visage in Ottawa for a brow wax and found the service to be excellent. I returned this week to get my teeth whitened. Once again, I was blown away by the amazing customer service. It is a small space but the whole staff made me feel comfortable without making me feel pressure or insecure. They took the time to test the new Scientific Organics line on me and I bought the face cream. I usually only use aloe on my face but I was so impressed with the line and the commitment to natural products that I couldn't resist. I felt compelled to write to let you know how great your staff is and I am happy to be a new customer of Visage.

Piercing With Patience

Last night, I got my daughter's ears pierced at the Scarborough Town Centre location by Michelle. I just really wanted to commend her for her patience and customer service overall. She was really patient and courteous with me, and she did not pierce my daughter until we were both satisfied with the placement of where the earring would go. I am really happy with the results and my daughter's ears look great. Michelle did an outstanding job.

- Thank you, Karla

Friendly & Positive Experience

I have been getting my eyebrows done by two of your lovely staff for 5 years. Two in particular have really just been outstanding. I just wanted to let someone know about Tammy and Lisa. I'm sure on a regular basis they get compliments, but they really do an unreal job of promoting your brand.

They are friendly, positive, upbeat, always dressed beautifully and they really make you feel at home and comfortable even though sometimes getting hairs ripped off your face is far from that (haha). I honestly enjoy the service they provide to me and if I stop by on a day they are not working, I will come back another day when they are and go to work with a uni-brow.

They are very well educated on beauty products as well and I always feel like I'm getting a good value and an amazing product when they recommend it to me. I could really go on all day, but the long and the short of it is. Thank you for Tammy and Lisa at the Barrie Georgian Mall. They have been nothing short of heaven sent to me. 

Amazing Skin Care Experience!

I have been a customer at the Exchange Tower Location for several years and I wanted to provide you with some feedback. Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Stefanie and I am a 47 year old female with some OCD when it comes to being touched. That said, I have used the Caryl Baker location specifically to wax my eyebrows. This alone was a difficult task for me, but the girls were always patient and kind. I did in time build a particular comfort level with Nina Poushian. Somehow she always made it less stressful for me. During these appointments she would discuss facials and products with me, but for a very long time I continued to be apprehensive and Nina continued to be patient and never pushy. I appreciated her advice and tips and recommendations.

Eventually, as age likes to show itself, the skin over my eyelids began sagging, deep wrinkles around my eyes were forming, my neck was really starting to show its age and in fact my spouse and daughter would laugh and call it "chicken neck". Age spots were starting to make their appearance and overall I was just not happy. In speaking with Nina, she mentioned the "Organics" line to me, provided me with a demo and confirmed there was no animal testing on the products (very important to me). I decided to give it a go and the improvements were swift. My colleagues, friends and family were asking if I lost weight? What is different? It was very noticeable. The skin began to have its elasticity again, the lose skin above my eyes and neck tightened, needless to say I was overwhelmed and have become an advocate for the product line and many of my colleagues and friends have also begun using the line. In addition, I took another leap and Nina gave me my first ever facial. Knowing my difficulty with being touched, she was patient and made certain I was completely relaxed and comfortable. It was a wonderful experience, so much so I have had 3 so far and looking forward to the next.

It does not end here. Early April I developed a rash on my legs and arms, I had gone to various doctors and was given so many different creams but nothing was helping. Then one morning in mid-May I noticed a slight rash above my eyebrow, but it was gone by the end of the day. This made me think about the product and if it was the product that corrected the rash so quickly. That evening I used the face wash all over my body, then the toner, the serum and the face cream. I will have you know within 2 days the rash on my legs and arms were gone. I had to let the girls know about this experience and also to find out if there was an Organics line for body wash and lotion. I continued to use the products all over my body, but as you know it can get pretty pricy so I have had to limit the use to my arms and legs. What I must also mention is that the product has also helped firm my upper arms. I am not sure why, but the Organics line definitely works for me, and it would be wonderful if the line could be manufactured as a body wash, toner and lotion.

I was compelled to write to you and let you know about not only what a wonderful product the Organics line is, but to also let you know that you have an amazing team at your Exchange Tower location. They are knowledgeable, helpful, welcoming, friendly and they get to know each customer personally which truly makes the difference. I can tell you that my daughter would come down town specifically to this location because of the staff here. She is now currently studying in Thunder Bay and although there is a Thunder Bay location, she still waits to come home to visit Nina and the girls for her needs. It is this kind of personal customer service that builds customer trust and loyalty.

I thank you in advance for taking the time to read my email and I really do hope even though the business is specific to Face Expertise, they will consider expanding to all skin products.

A BIG shout out to the team at the Exchange Tower, Thank you ladies you are truly wonderful!

- Stefanie

Love For Visage

My name is Rebecca and I am customer of nearly 10 years at your Westmount Mall location in London, Ontario. I'm a student, and money is always tight, but I make it a priority to keep my bi-weekly appointment at Visage. All the staff at that salon are wonderful in their own way, always greeting me with a smile and making me feel welcome. In today's world, where there is always a cheaper deal to be had, customer service is what sets businesses apart. All the employees at the Westmount location deserve to be commended for being the bright, smiling face of the Visage brand.

Two employees stand out in particular to me, however. Their names are Carla Miller and Amal Khalid. I have received many brow waxes and makeup applications from both these women over the years, and I am truly impressed with their consistent level of professionalism and courtesy. Every time I leave, I not only look more polished, but feel more confident. They are experts at what they do, delivering the highest quality of work. Further, and I think more importantly, is the friendliness and genuine interest and care they show to each employee. I have seen them stay late to accommodate clients and seen the smiles they put on so many women's faces when they look in the mirror after receiving their treatment.

The staff has become an essential part to making me feel like me. I look forward to my brow waxes, not only for the aesthetic upkeep, but to hear about how they've been or what new products Visage is featuring this month. They are incredibly knowledgeable, and incredibly personable. It is my belief that they bring a lot of heart to that store, and it shows in every customer interaction they have. I just wanted to give them a little shout out to you because they really do deserve it. Delivering excellent customer service consistently is a hard job, and I am very impressed by the way these ladies do it.

- Sincerely, Rebecca