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Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine

Spring is traditionally a time of renewal, rebirth, and rejuvenation. One way we do this is through the act of cleaning, to make way for growth and to let the good things in our lives shine - hence the term “Spring Cleaning”. Getting our homes in order at this time of year leaves us free to relish the new season's freshness. .  With warmer days ahead, not only should we clean our houses, but it's also the perfect time to spring-clean your beauty routine. 

We've rounded up our Face Experts favourite Spring cleaning beauty tips  to  renew your Spring/Summer routine: 

Examine Your Collection

Just as you would when cleaning out your closet or fridge, take out everything in order to clearly see what you’re working with. That means clearing out your cabinets, vanity, drawers, and makeup bags where you have your skincare, cosmetics, makeup brushes, and accessories hiding. Spread it all out on a table so that you can clearly assess it.

Once you see what you're working with, go through everything to check for expiration dates and for products you no longer use. Once complete you can discard these products, or better yet, recycle, reuse, or re-purpose the containers where possible.

Get familiar with what you have on hand to prevent repeat buys and reduce waste. It’s easy to forget that you already have something at home when you are out shopping, so knowing what you have on hand will help!

Clean Everything!

As you're examining your collection, take the time to clean and sanitize your products and tools. Beauty products can harbour bacteria , so make sure you're regularly cleaning all you have. Use a paper towel and isopropyl alcohol 70%+ to wipe down all containers, and keep the lids of all containers clean. And if you use a makeup bag be sure to give it a deep clean too!

For makeup brushes, we suggest cleaning them using our SIGMAGIC® Brushampoo Foam with the SIGMA SPA® Express Brush Cleaning Mat or the SIGMAGIC® Scrub. How frequently you need to give your brush bristles a good scrub-down depends on how often you use your brushes and what you use them for. Some experts suggest cleaning them a couple of times a month, while the American Academy of Dermatology recommends washing them every seven to 10 days


Where we end up putting our stuff isn't always functional. Optimize your makeup routine's efficiency by keeping the products you use most often in the most accessible place. 

Using special organizing tools like our Caryl Baker Large Makeup Case for your Cosmetics and Skin Care and our SIGMA® Black Brush Cup for your brushes can help keep your products safely housed and organized.

Store Winter Formulas

Heavy creams and moisturizers specifically designed for winter weather can now be moved to the back of your beauty shelf. Place your lighter moisturizers and spring and summer products to the forefront, where they're easily accessible - don’t forget the Suncreen!

Switch Palettes 

Spring is a time to bring back sunny bronzers, play with colour, and re-create that sun-kissed glow. Darker colours can be ditched (until Fall) for softer shades of peaches, pinks, and nudes.