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Uniqcure Targeted Concentrates


The new era of personalized skincare within your reach. New concentrates, essential for your daily beauty ritual.

The UNIQCURE concentrates boost the beauty benefits of your usual products with more than 35 active ingredients specially selected and optimised with SKEYNDOR technology to achieve extraordinary results in your skin.

Available in 6 different powerful concentrates:

- SOS Recovering Concentrate: Sensitive, reactive skin has a tendency to be atopic or show signs of rosacea. Recommended for use after aesthetic medicine treatments, such as microdermabrasion, laser, peels, etc. Rescue ampoule with calming effect. Reduces skin hypersensitivity and chronic skin irritation processes by blocking pro-inflammatory mediators.

- Brightening Glow Concentrate: For dull or stressed skin, with faint dark spots or slight signs of ageing. Antioxidant shock ampoule with 10% stabilised vitamin C derivative. Combines three powerful antioxidants.

- Dark-Spot Correcting Concentrate: Helps to reduce moderate dark spots, and sallow skin.

- Redensifying Filling Concentrate: For fine skin or skin showing loss of firmness. For vertical wrinkles (laughter lines and neck). Redensifying ampoule for a 3D skin fill effect. Powerful cell promoter. Simulates, fills and rejuvenates the skin from the inside. Recovers facial volume.

- Intensive Hydrating Concentrate: A powerful moisturizing concentrate for dry or dehydrated skin.

- Instant Lift Concentrate: For skin with slack or has a tired appearance. Instant action facelift ampoule. Powerful firming effect. Instant flash of beauty.

Uniqcure Targeted Concentrates