Oil Control - Clarifying Cleanser

Caryl Baker Visage

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Formulated for those with combination to oily skin, our Oil Control products treat and clarify skin by sweeping away excess amounts of oil and decongesting pores. Oil-controlling and anti-bacterial ingredients such as Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Witch Hazel, Aloe, Cinnamon, Green Tea, and Shea Butter invigorates and maintains the skin’s acid mantle without over-drying it.

SKIN TYPE: Best for combination/ oily skin types

DESCRIPTION: A gel cleanser designed for combination to oily skin types. Cleanses makeup and impurities trapped deep in pores. Keeps sebum production under control and helps skin stay balanced and maintain a matte finish during the day. Paraben free.

HOW TO USE: Apply gel cleanser into the palm of the hand and mix with water into light foam. Massage gently in an upward and outward, rinse with warm tepid water. Use day and night.

QUANTITY: 240 ml

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