Xtreme Lashes Long Lasting Brow Pen

Xtreme Lashes

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Achieve flawless, sculpted brows with ease and confidence. Long lasting, smudge-proof formula fills sparse brow areas, evenly coating each hair and disguising grays for a natural, youthful appearance. The soft-tipped pen allows for an effortless application, without waxy buildup or powder residue. Available in Deep, a universal brown that suits cool blondes, light brown to deep brown, or black hair.

Long Lasting Brow Pen should be applied to brows that are clean, dry, free of skincare, and following face makeup/powder application.

For best results, lightly dust or press face powder onto brows before application. Apply the Long Lasting Brow Pen directly onto brows using light strokes or, if preferred, with the Angled Brow Brush.

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