Corrective Camouflage

Caryl Baker

Camouflage Yellow
Camouflage Green
Camouflage Lavender
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DESCRIPTION & BENEFITS: A light, creamy formulation to perk up and neutralize a sallow skin tone

YELLOW CORRECTIVE CAMOUFLAGE: Recommended as a camouflage for purple/ blue-based imperfections on the skin such as under eye circles, bruising, and blue veins.

GREEN CORRECTIVE CAMOUFLAGE: Recommended for florid or high- coloured complexions.

LAVENDER CORRECTIVE CAMOUFLAGE: Recommended for sallow complexions.

HOW TO USE: Apply before foundation. Should never be used without foundation. Dot on forehead, nose, chin and cheeks and spread evenly over areas of the face where needed. Apply foundation over Corrective Camouflage to even out skin tone. Complexion will have a more radiant even glow.

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