Collagen Moisture Cream + AHA Vitalite Serum Duo

Caryl Baker Visage

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QUANTITY: 2 oz., 42.5 g.

SKIN TYPE: Beneficial for normal/combination or dry/combination mature skin.

DESCRIPTION & BENEFITS: Collagen Lotion is a day or night lotion formulated with collagen protein. Helps skin to retain moisture, therefore helping to maintain elasticity and support.

HOW TO USE: Apply with a slight massage using upward and outward strokes. Be sure to leave a light film on the surface of the skin. Good for day and night. We recommend that sunscreen be applied overtop of this product during extended outdoor activity.

IMPORTANCE: As the skin ages, the level of collagen in the skin decreases. This means less hydration of the skin causing the formation of dry lines and wrinkles. The use of soluble collagen in skin treatments helps maintain moisture levels in the skin.



SKIN TYPE: Good for all skin types. Especially beneficial for mature and sun-damaged skin. (Use on acne-prone skin as a spot treatment).

DESCRIPTION AND BENEFITS: Encourages rapid exfoliation and regeneration revealing younger, healthier skin cells. This treatment brightens dull-looking skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and helps diminish skin imperfections caused by sun damage and acne.

HOW TO USE: For best results, use as a night treatment up to three times weekly.

1. Apply 3-5 drops.

2. Gently pat over face and neck with fingertips avoiding eye, lip and mucous membrane areas. (Do not massage into skin.)

3. Follow with your recommended moisturizer.

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