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Caryl Baker Visage

14KT White Gold 4-Prong 2mm Cubic Zirconia - #128



Our piercing earrings are as unique as you are. Sparkling crystals. Bold designs. Brilliant cubic zirconia. Colourful flowers and butterflies. Timeless gold balls and classic gems. All in a range of sizes & metal choices to match your look and your budget.

As beautiful as our earrings are, it’s how they are made that will give you true peace of mind. We use only the best materials available. All of our piercing earrings are hypoallergenic and made with ultra-thin piercing posts & a finely-honed tip for the gentlest piercing possible.

Inverness piercing earrings are packaged in sterile, tamper-resistant cassettes. Each individual earring & exclusive Inverness Safety Back™ are fully-enclosed in our sterile earring capsules to guard against exposure to potential contaminants prior to piercing.

Inverness piercing earrings come in a wide range of hypoallergenic metal choices including 18KT, 14KT & 10KT gold, 24KT gold plate, medical grade stainless steel, and medical grade titanium.

Please Note: Earrings sold online DO NOT come in piercing cartridge, and cannot be brought to a location for piercing service. All piercing earrings being used for piercing service must be purchased at a Caryl Baker Visage retail location. 

14KT White Gold 4-Prong 2mm Cubic Zirconia - #128