Let's Get Ready For Our Re-Opening!

Although we do not have an official re-opening date as of yet (we have to wait for the provincial government to give us the go-ahead) that doesn't stop us from getting you ready for your return! To prepare, we have created this special VIP Re-Opening Waitlist to make sure that you are one of the first back in our Face Spas!


How To Join The VIP Re-Opening Waitlist

1. Find your Caryl Baker Visage location below and click the "Join This Waitlist" button to be redirected to your location's VIP Re-Opening Waitlist via Waitlistr.com

2. Enter your contact details, and click 'JOIN' to submit your information.

3. Make sure you confirm your email address in case you need to make any changes to your details.

4. That's it! Once we know our official re-opening date, one of our amazing Franchise Owners or Face Experts will call you to schedule you in to have your favourite beauty service(s) before everyone else! We look forward to a beautiful reunion 💜


Choose Your Caryl Baker Visage Location:

Please Note: If you experience any trouble signing up for a Waitlist, please contact info@carylbakervisage.com and we will happily assist!