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Let's Get Ready For Our Reunion!

Please note that only certain regions in Ontario are currently allowed to perform beauty services on the face at this time as mandated by the Provincial Government and Public Health Canada. With that in mind, we want to prepare you for when we are allowed to offer our full range of usual facial service offerings once we are given the go-ahead! That's why we've created this VIP Waitlist so that we know to call you as soon as we have an official date to start scheduling you in once the final phase of re-opening occurs!

If you can't find your location below that may mean that your Visage location is in one of the approved regions and already open! CLICK HERE to find out!

How To Join The VIP Waitlist

1. Find your Caryl Baker Visage location below and click the "Join This Waitlist" button to be redirected to your location's VIP Re-Opening Waitlist via

2. Enter your contact details, and click 'JOIN' to submit your information.

3. Make sure you confirm your email address in case you need to make any changes to your details.

4. That's it! Once we know our official re-opening date, one of our amazing Franchise Owners or Face Experts will call you to schedule you in to have your favourite beauty service(s) before everyone else! We look forward to a beautiful reunion 💜

P.S. Please don't worry about what number you are assigned when you join our VIP Waitlist. We are used to servicing hundreds of clients every week and will call you ASAP as soon as we know when we re-open to offer our full list of services!

Choose Your Caryl Baker Visage Location:

Please Note: If you experience any trouble signing up for a Waitlist, please contact and we will happily assist!