1. Please review these materials carefully and then complete and send us a Franchise Application together with a list of any questions you have.

2. Upon receipt, review and approval of your Franchise Application, we’ll contact you to arrange a preliminary phone interview. 

3. If selected to move forward, you will be invited to visit our head office in Toronto. You will see existing Caryl Baker Visage locations, visit our Beauty School and meet with various personnel that you will be associated with as a franchise owner.

4. During your visit, a personal interview and open discussion will be held with our executive staff. You will also be provided a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document which includes a copy of the Franchise Agreement and the Sublease Agreement. Your visit to head office and your personal interview will provide us with the necessary information to make a final decision to award a franchise. This process will also allow you to make your own determination as to whether Caryl Baker Visage is the right fit for you.

5. After receipt of the Franchise Disclosure Document, you will have a minimum of 14 days to review the various agreements and to contact us to answer any additional questions you (or your advisor) may have.

6. If you are selected as a viable candidate, the next step is to sign the Franchise Agreement and Sublease Agreement and remit the $20,000 franchise fee (plus 13% HST) as well as the Construction deposit of $20,000.

7. You will then review the design drawings for your location prior to obtaining bids on construction from two or more contractors.

8. After a contractor has been selected with your approval, the contract will be awarded for the construction of your location.

9. While you location is being constructed, you will participate in our 8 to 10 week comprehensive training program, where you will become an expert in all things related to cosmetics and skin care. You will also receive training in all facets of operating a Caryl Baker Visage franchise, such as merchandising, ordering, controlling inventory, administrative responsibilities, advertising and personnel management.

10. Grand Opening! A team from head office as well as the head supervisor will be on hand to assist you on this exciting day.