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Caryl Baker Visage

Eye Prime Perfection


QTY: 0.50 oz./14.2g                       

FEATURES & BENEFITS: Lightweight under eye primer glides onto the skin creating the perfect canvas to help keep concealer and eye colour stay in place. This lightweight primer’s unique polymer system helps extend the wear of concealer and shadow.

  • Superior blendability
  • Locks concealer into place, ensuring all day-wear
  • Prevents eye makeup from settling into fine lines and creases
  • Eliminates heavy, cakey appearance of eye colour
  • Paraben-free
  • Paraben-free preservative system

HOW TO USE: Using the Caryl Baker Concealer Brush, apply evenly over eyelid and under eye and follow with shadow and or concealer.


- Vitamin C: Anti-oxidant- Vitamin E: Anti-oxidant, anti-aging. 

Eye Prime Perfection